Compiiile with some spice 🍒! With the pro version, enhance your Markdown files, add diagrams, mindmaps, admonitions, and ready-made components and get your knowledge-base or course ready to be served in one simple command ✨.


You can install compiiile-pro either globally or per-project:


Open a terminal and type one of these commands, whether using npm or yarn depending on which package manager you are using:

yarn global add @compiiile/compiiile-pro # install globally with yarn
# or
npm install -g @compiiile/compiiile-pro # install globally with npm


Open a terminal inside the folder containing your markdown files. Then, add compiiile-pro as a local command using yarn or npm:

yarn add @compiiile/compiiile-pro # install as a project dependency with yarn
# or
npm install @compiiile/compiiile-pro # install as a project dependency with npm


Once installed, 3 commands are available that act the same as the usual compiiile command:

  • compiiile-pro dev
  • compiiile-pro build
  • compiiile-pro preview


Compiiile-pro is free to try in development, but you need a license to use it in production. This is a personal lifetime license: buy once without any subscription, and enjoy it as long as you want! It also allows you to use compiiile for commercial projects.

Purchase a license for compiiile-pro

Once purchased, you will receive an email with your personal license key.

To use your license for the build command, you can use the next following ways (from higher priority to lower priority):

#Set it with environment variables

You have 2 environment variables that you can pass to the build command to use your licence: COMPIIILE_PRO_LICENSE="<YOUR-LICENCE>" and COMPIIILE_PRO_EMAIL="<YOUR-EMAIL-USED-FOR-PURCHASE>".

Here is the complete command as example:


#Set it as build arguments

Similarly, you have 2 parameters that you can pass to the build command to use your licence: --pro.license="<YOUR-LICENCE>" and --pro.email="<YOUR-EMAIL-USED-FOR-PURCHASE>".

Here is the complete command as example:

compiiile-pro build --pro.license="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" --pro.email="john.doe@mail.com"

#Set it globally

To use the same license on multiple projects, you can create a .compiiilerc file at the root of your user folder (~/.compiiilerc).

Here is the content that you will have to specify:

You can use this one-line command to create this file (make sure to replace the values with the corresponding ones):

echo 'pro.license=<your-license-key>\npro.email=<your-email>' > ~/.compiiilerc

Your file should contain these 2 parameters:



You can become an affiliate and earn 20% on each sale by referring new customers (or should we say… compiiilers ?):

Become an affiliate

#Added features

Here is a list of features that the pro version adds:

  • add a button to copy code blocks and be able to specify the code block file name
  • add admonitions (or alerts) with different semantic colors
  • use any Phosphor Icon in your Markdown files or Vue components
  • add MermaidJs integration to write diagrams in Markdown, without compromising on style
  • add Markmap integration to write mindmaps in Markdown from bullet-points lists
  • add d2 integration to write diagrams
  • use ready-to-use components (for slides layouts, etc) in mdx files

See an overview of these features in the next page.