Contributions are welcome in this project, and they will be appreciated. But they must come after discussing it by creating an issue.

Not all contributions will be accepted. The goal of Compiiile is not to reproduce existing projects and add a lot of features to cover all use cases.

Whether, we will always aim to keep the code base and features simple.


Here is the current roadmap and feature ideas for incoming releases:

  • being able to resize the navbar
  • tag files with frontmatter and search files having specific tags

If a fix needs to be done or your contributing idea is part of this roadmap, it will most likely be taken into account.

People should also understand that I am not working full-time on this project and that deadlines will never be set for a feature to be implemented.

#Launching the project locally

You can launch a local version of the project by cloning the repository, installing the dependencies (with yarn install, and use these 3 commands):

  • yarn dev
  • yarn build
  • yarn preview

Your code should also comply with the project’s code style by running yarn lint and yarn format.