#Upgrading from v1 to v2

v2 now uses Astro under the hood !

🔥 New features:

  • 🎉 Added MDX support
  • ⚡ Added Hot Reload support

🔧 Fix:

  • No more Markdown markup on search results

⚠️ Breaking changes:

  • Config file should now use ESM syntax: The file should use export default {} instead of module.exports = {}
  • No more route hash: What was before https://compiiile.me/#/c/markdown-preview is now https://compiiile.me/c/markdown-preview
  • No more dynamic section hash on page scroll
  • Images size use a new syntax: The new syntax must be in the image’s alt attribute, preceded by a pipe: ![Alt text|100px](imageUrl) (the value can be in px or % and represents the image’s width). If no margin must be applied, a special attribute can be added like so: ![Alt text|100px;no-margin](imageUrl)